Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social Responsibility

Our business strategies are based on strong ethical foundation and concept of sustainable business to create maximum value for our stakeholders. Translating this believe our sustainability model is surrounding within our People, Organization and Planet.
Accordingly we have aligned our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to deliver on this commitment,
and enhance community empowerment and responsible environmental management in a sustainable manner.

FHM, being a socially responsible corporate entity, has been a regular contributor to the society and communities. It has been our primary concern to ensure that contributing to community development should be continuously carried out.

Since last several years FHM has been donating non-profit organization working for improvement educations, healthcare etc. FHM continues to encourage events and projects which focus on children, health and education in under privileged members of society. 

FHM having the ambition to serve the community with great professionalism and zeal has been always emphasizing on following areas for better environment and sustainability.

  • Encourage staff members for avoiding of unnecessary wastage of resources such as excessive consumption of energy and paper printing etc.
  • Motivate  staff  members  for  participation  in  activities which are beneficial for better environment at large.
  • Contribution  on  social  community  projects  by  staff members which are indeed a catalyst for any good
  • corporate institution.
  • In order to keep customers’ interest safe, FHM, from time  to  time  address  their  grievances  through  their
  • feedback and regular visits.
  • FHM encourage equal opportunity employment without any discrimination whether it is gender or any disability,
  • we believe that every human mind having talent which can    be benefitted to the institutions.
  • Health and safety always remain an utmost concern of the management of FHM.
  • Within the HR policy, the staffs of FHM are covered under health and group life insurance/takaful policies
  • with renowned insurance/takaful companies.
  • Strong internal controls are one of the main corporate objectives. FHM promote sound ethical practices within
  • The staff members with Risk & Reward concept.