All praise and thanks are Allah’s

Alhamdulillah, First Habib Modaraba (FHM) has completed 30 years of successful business operation. FHM being the pioneer in Modaraba sector grew over the year on sound footing with the commitment of adding value to all our stakeholders particularly our investors.

FHM is well on its Vision to be a leading Islamic Financial Institution within the Modaraba sector and its mission to build institution on Trust, Integrity and enhance value through excellent performance and good governance.

The efficacy of FHM’s business strategy and prudent risk management policies have always supported the management to maintain outstanding assets quality while ensuring sustainability of performance despite the increasingly competitive operating environment in Pakistan’s financial market.

Since last several years FHM has been securing AA+ rating as long term rating from Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Ltd., (PACRA). Besides, FHM has received several awards and recognition on best performance, best corporate report, best corporate disclosure and corporate excellence received from reputable bodies, such as NBFI and Modaraba Association, ICAP and ICMAP, Management Association of Pakistan, and SAFA an apex body of SAARC.

By the grace of God, FHM is among one of the best Islamic Financial Services Institutions within non-banking financial sector. Sound and satisfactory performance of FHM on year on year basis is outcome of our well planned corporate strategy and business focus which reach us to target market and capture right opportunities in right time.

Our strategy remains clear, focused and well targeted on business development, on building deep and long standing relationships with our all partners and improving service delivery and solutions.

We will continue our steady performance by striking a careful balance between risk and reward for achieving a sustained growth under the Shariah principle of Islamic Finance.


Credit Ratings

News and Events
Achievement Award by The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI)
The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce ranked First Habib Modaraba “First Position” in the category of NBFI sector in the “3rd FPCCI Achievement Award”. The award recognized First Habib Modaraba efforts in the promotion of Islamic Economic system in the country especially in financial transactions.
Best Corporate Report Award 2014
The Joint Committee of ICAP and ICMAP in their ceremony held on 04th September 2015 have awarded First Position “Best Corporate Report Award 2014” to our Modaraba under the category of NBFIs. FHM is the only Modaraba in entire Modaraba sector who has been receiving this award since last six consecutive years.
First Habib Modaraba announces 22 percent cash dividend (FHM)
The directors of First Habib Modaraba (FHM) in their Board of Directors meeting held on Wednesday, announced cash dividend of 22 percent. The financial performance of the Modaraba remained satisfactory in 2014-15. Balance Sheet size has increased by 18 percent due to enhancement in financing portfolio and net profit has also enhanced by 7 percent over the period of last year. Press Release.
PACRA Maintains Ratings of First Habib Modaraba (FHM)
The Pakistan credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA) has maintained the long-term and short-term rating of First Habib Modaraba (FHM) at "AA+" (Double A plus) and "A1+" (A one Plus), respectively. These ratings denote a very low expectation of credit risk emanating from a very strong capacity for timely payment of financial commitments. Press Release.
SAFA BPA "Certificate of Merit" award to First Habib Modaraba (FHM)
SAFA in its award ceremony held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 3rd May , 2014 awarded SAFA "Certificate of Merit" Award to First Habib Modaraba (FHM) in the category of "Financial Services Sector" for "Best Presented Accounts" and "Corporate Governance Disclosures" for the year 2012. FHM has been receiving this award since last three consecutive years.
Announcement of Cash Dividend for the year ended June 30, 2014
The Board of Directors of First Habib Modaraba in their meeting held on July 23, 2014 has announced a cash dividend of 22% i.e. Re. 1.10/- for Certificate Rs.5/- for the year ended June 30, 2014.
Corporate Excellence Certificate Award
FHM has received “Corporate Excellence Certificate Award” from The Management Association of Pakistan. FHM has been receiving this award for last six consecutive years.
The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency
The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has maintained the Long Term and Short Term rating of "AA+" and "A1+" respectively of First Habib Modaraba for the year 2013.
Best Performing Modaraba Award 2014
FHM has received "Best Performing Modaraba Award 2014" from the NBFI's and Modaraba Association of Pakistan.
Best Corporate Report Award 2012
The Joint Committee of ICAP and ICMAP in their ceremony held on 22nd August, 2013 have awarded Second Position “Best Corporate Report Award 2012” to our Modaraba under the category of NBFIs. FHM is the only Modaraba in entire Modaraba sector who has been receiving this award since last four consecutive years.

  Last Update 10 December, 2015